Learn about John Jay, Revolutionary Spymaster:

Think Like a Spy

John Jay Spymaster Cryptograms  (Answers to the cryptograms can be found HERE)

Make Your Own Spy Code

Make Invisible Ink


Visit our virtual School House:

Schoolhouse Activity Packet

Alphabet Rhyme

Classroom Punishment Matching Game  (Answers to the matching game can be found HERE)


Download some fun activity pages to use at home or while you visit the Homestead grounds!

Chicken Maze

Color the House

Ice Pond Expedition

John Jay’s Farm

Tree Explorer Page 1

Tree Explorer Page 2

Tree Explorer Page 3

Word Search

New York State Coloring Book

Was John Jay a City Slicker or a Country Boy


We’ve added some fun at-home crafts too – Play Days @ Jay (@ Home)!

Make a Glass Harmonica

Make a Pinwheel

Make a Tin Can Telephone

Make a Punched Tin Lantern

Grow a Bean Stalk

Make a Bird Feeder

Make Bubbles

Make a 3D Flower

Make a Paper Plate Chicken

Make a Tri Corner Hat (Find the Tri Corner Hat Template HERE)


Or try some of our favorite historic recipes!


Martha Washington’s Pancakes

Thomas Jefferson’s Cornbread

Easy Ice Cream