We’ve added some fun new games to play:

Spot the Difference – Look at two pictures of a room in John Jay’s Bedford House – see if you can spot the 5 differences.

Spot the Difference #2

Spot the Difference #3




What Doesn’t Belong – We’ve put some modern objects in 1820s period rooms – can you find the things that don’t belong?

What Doesn’t Belong #2

What Doesn’t Belong #3






Then & Now Memory – Test your memory with this matching game and learn about some of the differences between life today and life 200+ years ago.







And historic games too!

Nine Mens Morris – A popular board game that likely pre-dates the Roman Empire. Find the game board template HERE





Hearts – This popular card game probably originated in Germany in the 1700s.






Old Maid – A truly old favorite!











Ring Taw – A marble game popular in the late 1700s very similar to billiards.






The Ministers Cat – Test your vocabulary with this fun parlor game!






Whist – A historic trick-taking card game












Hunt the Slipper
















Pitching Pennies






The Four Elements







Skully skully template


Blind Mans Wand

Button Button

Here are toys you can make at home:

Making a Whirligig







Make a Cup and Ball







DIY Cornhole