Be an Object Detective – can you guess what today’s Mystery Object is?

Here are some clues to help you:

Looking at this object, can you guess what material it is made of?

What shapes do you see when you look at this artifact?

What do you think this artifact was used for?

Do we use any tools like this today?


Yesterday’s Mystery Object was a trammel hook. A trammel hook is usually made of iron or some type of metal and is used in cooking. Before electricity was used in houses, a lot of cooking had to be done in a fireplace. To accomplish this, pots and pans would be hung up over the fire. One end of the trammel would hook onto a bar over the fireplace and the other end of the hook would hold the pot. You could adjust the length of the trammel hook and by doing so the pot would be closer to the fire and become hotter, or further away so that it wouldn’t be too hot.