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And I’m about to take you inside an unusual museum – unusual because most people will never see it. Normally, you need a top-secret security clearance to get up here.

So we’ve just walked down. You’ve just pulled back the curtain. And what are we looking at?

BILL EVANINA: The very first thing we see is the portrait and the story of John Jay, who we believe is the founding father of American counterintelligence.

KELLY: Speaking there is the current head of American counterintelligence, Bill Evanina. He is showing me this big portrait of John Jay, who you may remember as the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. But did you know he also helped unravel a British plot to kidnap and kill George Washington? This is part of the Wall of Spies, an exhibit chronicling traitors and tradecraft. Evanina points to his personal favorite – an East German tooth.

A fake tooth that could unscrew the top and hide microdots and film inside – wow.

The Wall of Spies relaunched this week after a big renovation – a renovation to bring it up to date with the latest espionage cases.

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