The descendants of John Jay made a significant impact on American politics, culture, and global events, much like their famous ancestor. Learn more about the fascinating lives of author and poet John Jay Chapman, landscape architect Mary Rutherford Jay, and more. This blog will be posted on the first of each month on our website.


The Lemmon Slave Case

Mary Rutherfurd Jay (1872-1953)

John Jay Chapman (1862-1933)

Adam Von Trott zu Solz and Operation Valkyrie

Lucie Oelrichs Jay and the Anti-German Music Movement of WWI

Dr. John Clarkson Jay

William Jay and the Gag Rule

A Visit from St. Nicholas

“The face of the Madonna and the eyes of a child”

William Jay and the American Anti-Slavery Society

Anne Erwin and Mary Jay Okill

John Jay II and the Founding of the Met

Chanler Chapman

John Jay II and Stephen Myers