The House Restoration Project encompasses a full restoration of 11 period rooms, Iselin Wing, Back Parlor Exhibit Gallery, and Summer Kitchen Discovery Center. We are addressing capital restoration needs, conservation of objects, and additions to the collection based upon our furnishing plan. In addition, we are in the process of re-focusing the interpretive story and highlighting the collections in a new way to help tell the story of John Jay, his life, legacy and accomplishments.

The first phase of this project, to be completed 2016, is the restoration and reinterpretation of John Jay’s Office and adjacent Service Hall. Original 1820s wallpaper will be reproduced to cover the walls, reproduction carpeting will be installed, and John Jay’s original barrister bookcase – the one he traveled with while riding circuit as part of his duties as Chief Justice of the United States – will be relocated to the room. Reproduction and period accessories and furnishings will be acquired, including a 1790s telescope to replace one John Jay purchased in March of 1791. Finally, the interpretive story we tell in this room will be enhanced to emphasize John Jay and his importance to the American Story.

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