Herb Fair

This 71st Herb Fair, is organized by the N.Y. Unit of the Herb Society of America to educate visitors about herbs.

The primary purpose of the Herb Society is to educate people about herbs, including their many uses and delights. In addition to its annual Herb Fairs, the N.Y. Unit also created the Herb Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Nancy Bryan Luce Herb Garden at N.Y. Botanical Garden, the John Jay Homestead Herb Garden and several other herb gardens in N.Y. Many members of NYU/HSA are published authors and lecturers on horticulture, in addition to being Master Gardeners.

This year’s fair includes an Herb Table, with knowledgeable N.Y. Unit members able to explain characteristics of each cut herb at the table. A Q & A table featuring knowledgeable members answering all herbal questions. The Bake Table, will be laden with all varieties of herb-infused baked goods. Lovage Soup is once again being served at the Fair. The Ways and Means table, contains many garden items and tools; notecards featuring herbal drawings; dishtowels with herbal decorations; and many other useful items. A number of herb-related vendors are invited to participate at the Herb Fair, selling their wares and distributing herbal information. Vendors will provide soaps, teas, jams, spices, vinegars and other sauces, stationery, jewelry, textiles, pottery, all of which incorporate herbs. Children’s art activities will also take place during the Fair to keep children entertained so parents can more easily shop.

A special Garden Tour is scheduled at 10 a.m., featuring Page Dickey, garden author and Honorary Member of the NY Unit and the original designer of the John Jay Herb Garden.

Featured guest speaker, Deborah Needleman, will discuss the art of blending herbs to make teas, and how to use herbs within your home landscape at 2 p.m.


For more information about the 71st Herb Fair, contact Nicoletta Salvi, at (917) 622-3272, or email herbsocietyny@gmail.com.

  • October 1, 2022
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm