Special thanks to our 2022-23 Scholars Committee

Chair – Melissa Vail

Susan Allport

Marian Bach

Michaela and Skip Beitzel

Wendy Belzberg and Strauss Zelnick

Sheila and John Bernson

Laura Blau

Brendan Buschman

Vanessa Diebold

April Foley

Susie and John Freund

Amy and Jon Gallen

Donald P. Gregg

Jeanne and Tom Hardy

Heather and Tony Langham

Holly Ann Maggio

Silvia and Steve Ohler

Arlene and Philip Oraby

Amy Parson and Paul Bird

Benjamin Powell

Rochelle and Mark Rosenberg

Robert Saunders

Timothy Schieffelin

Norman Selby

Deborah Stiles

Anita and John Stockbridge

Caroline A. Walker

Sarah and Grant Webb

Henry Zachary