*List in formation

Chair – Melissa Vail

Susan Allport

Alexandria and Michael Altman

Michaela and Skip Beitzel

Sheila and John Bernson

Mary and David Boies

Brett and Miles Cameron

Joyce and Gary Corrigan

Vanessa Diebold

April Foley

Margot and Ben Fooshee

Susie and John Freund

Amy and Jon Gallen

Heather and Andrew Georges

Alli and JT Gilbert

Virginia Gold

Christopher Graham

John Greenwood

Laura and Benjamin Harris

Brian Kelly

Heather and Tony Langham

Holly Maggio

Linda Mahon and Bob Saunders

Sarah and Ross Mottl

Silvia and Steve Ohler

Amy Parsons and Paul Bird

Benjamin Powell

Marilyn and Hugh Price

Rochelle and Mark Rosenberg

Beth and Samuel Sachs

Tim Schieffelin

Sara and Axel Schupf

Norman Selby

Walter Stahr

Anita and John Stockbridge

Nancy Vincent

Caroline Walker

Sarah and Grant Webb

Leslie and Victor Wortmann, Jr.

*List in formation