Be an Object Detective – can you guess what today’s Mystery Object is?

Here are some clues to help you:

Looking at this object, can you guess what material it is made of?

What shapes do you see when you look at this artifact?

What do you think this artifact was used for?

Do we use any tools like this today?


Yesterday’s Mystery Object was a Jaw Harp.

A jaw harp is a musical instrument that is made of metal. To play a jaw harp, you must put it between your teeth and the pluck the middle piece.  It makes a loud “BOING!” sound. This was a popular instrument for soldiers because they had to travel around, very often by horse or on foot, and it was a form of entertainment for them during long journeys. This tiny instrument could fit in a soldier’s pocket which made it easy to carry.

How do you listen to music when you are traveling around?