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Be an Object Detective – can you guess what today’s Mystery Object is?

Here are some questions to answer about the object:

Looking at this object, can you guess what materials it is made of?

Do you think this object would be used in a house?

What do you think this object was used for?

Do we use any objects like this today?


Yesterday’s Mystery Object was a Butter Churn.

Made of wood this object would be used to churn cream into butter. The churn would first be filled with cream, then a pole with a wide bottom would be pushed and pulled, up and down, from the top. This pole would mix the butter and whip air into it. About halfway through the process, whipped cream would be formed. This whipped cream would continue to be churned until the milk separated from the milk fat and a lump of butter sat in the bottom of the churn. The butter would be taken out and rinsed with cold water and then stored. The leftover milk, called buttermilk, was then used for cooking and baking.


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